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Martinus answers

About fasting and heath

Can fasting be beneficial?

For the healthy person who lives normally and does not eat more food than exactly the quantity which meets his organism's needs, fasting would be a harmful interference. However, something else has to be considered where this relationship is not respected, and where, day by day, the being accumulates in his organism an abundance of superfluous foodstuffs, thereby permanently overburdening his organs. 

That such overburdened organs can need some relief is obvious. This relief can only take place through some kind of appropriate fast or reduction of food intake.
By a sustained fast where the body is, so to speak, completely emptied of food products, one can bring about some beneficial cleansing of harmful and unhealthy substances. However, such a cure should never be carried out except under the prescription and expert control of a doctor.

First published in Contact Letter no. 3/1950
Translation: Mary McGovern, 1984
Published in the English edition of Kosmos no 1/1984

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