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Martinus answers

About raw vegetables, cooking and fruit eating

Previous replies to questions in this correspondence letter about vegetable nutrition seem to indicate that a raw vegetarian diet is no more beneficial than eating cooked products - is this right?

The previous replies to the above-mentioned questions were not concerned with shedding light on whether a raw vegetarian diet was preferable to cooked food. They were only concerned with stating that vegetable food was preferable to animal food; and considering whether the use of the cooking process itself in the production of food was harmful or not. Therefore it must be understood that the analysis of cooking which was given in the replies only applies to these areas and to the preparation of transforming those products into tolerable food for the person who has made cooking a present reality and who, through the experience of centuries, has shown it to be absolutely indispensable for terrestrial man's nutrition. 

It is a matter of course that there is no need to cook those food products which are already transformed by Nature itself into a form of micro-life so spiritually superior, and which is only clothed in such a minimal amount of physical matter that, entirely without being killed, it can be absorbed into an organism as nourishment and here continue its normal existence. Without this aim for the evolution of the principle of nutrition and the change in the digestive process from a murder and death process to a life process for the micro-life, no being whatsoever on the physical plane would be able to be free of the killing principle. He must still, through his digestive process, invoke hell, death and destruction upon myriads of microbeings in order to live himself, even if he has long since acquired an angelic life with mesocosmic beings (animals and fellow human beings).

[For further information see Martinus' “The Ideal Food”]


First published in Contact Letter no. 4/1950
Translation: Mary McGovern, 1984
Published in the English edition of Kosmos no 1/1984

© Martinus Institut 1981,
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