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About clairvoyance

If one is clairvoyant, can one always trust that what one sees and gets to know by spiritual means is correct when one seeks it in order to guide or help someone who has asked for help?

The fact that one seeks spiritual information on a purely unselfish basis gives of course a stronger spiritual wind in one's back or greater protection than in cases where the information is sought for selfish purposes, but it does not change the actual clairvoyant sight for better or worse, just as little as physical sensing - sight, hearing and so on - becomes' better or worse with moral or immoral ends in view. Clairvoyance is not a result of moral development as is the case with, for example, cosmic consciousness or initiation. It occurs therefore to a certain extent in wild animals and to a certain extent in primitive Man.

If one's clairvoyant sight is so weak that one is oneself in doubt as to its capacity, it would be wise to ignore it as quickly as possible, for one can otherwise easily experience dangerous psychic illusions which can cause corresponding disturbances in one's psyche or mentality.

First published in Contact Letter no. 6/1950
Translation: Mary McGovern, 1986
Published in the English edition of Kosmos no 3/1986

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