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About Martinus Cosmology
As long as a flower exists, the memory of a higher world cannot be erased.
(Livets Bog, vol. 1, sect. 183)

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The Danish writer Martinus (1890-1981) has described in his works a comprehensive world picture containing a logically substantiated comprehensive explanation of existence. His background for this was a highly developed faculty of intuition that enabled him to understand and analyse the spiritual world behind the known physical world. The goal of his work was to create a spiritual science that can give the modern, logically minded seeker-after-truth a more profound insight into the nature of life and its evolution in the world. In his analyses Martinus presents a far more optimistic and extensive view of life than that which we ordinarily know. At the same time they are a valuable help for the practical development of morality and conduct.

Martinus’ books are openly available to those who are interested. There is no form of association or membership in connection with this interest. Anyone who is interested can study his books with no strings attached and enjoy any inspiration they may find in them. Martinus Cosmology is not a religion, but it provides a logically based understanding of life and its religious dimension. According to Martinus the time is ripe for what he describes as a science of love or intellectualised Christianity, and, in continuation of this, he has collectively entitled his works The Third Testament.

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You can also download an introductory brochure and watch short video introductions.


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