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Courses and lectures



Read or download the international course programme 2023 of the Martinus Centre.

Those interested in Martinus Cosmology have the opportunity to widen their knowledge and understanding of his analyses by taking part in courses and attending lectures.

The teaching at the Martinus Centre is based directly on the view of life and the world picture presented in Martinus’ works. By taking part in our courses, you will also have the opportunity to meet people from other countries in an atmosphere that we hope you will find warming and inspiring. We strive towards creating the love and warmth that will characterise the new world culture.

The summer courses
The summer courses are the high season of the year in Klint. They are held for 6 weeks from the end of June until the beginning of August with up to about 100 participants per week during the busiest weeks.

International weeks
The last two weeks of the summer courses are international weeks where, in addition to lectures in Danish and Swedish, there are lectures and study groups in other languages including English.

For further details please see the complete programme at this page.

The centre’s lecture hall has equipment for simultaneous interpretation and a wire loop for the hard of hearing. During the international weeks the lectures are interpreted into Danish, Swedish, English, German, Dutch and other languages as required.

During the summer there is also the opportunity to do voluntary work.


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Telephone: +45 38 38 01 00 (Monday to Thursday 9 am - 12 noon).