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The Institute's historical archives

Besides conserving Martinus’ work, the Institute also has the task of collecting and conserving historical information and material that provides information about Martinus’ life, his work and the development of the ”cause” that is linked to his name. Here we mention only a few of our current activities. Since a lot of the work is done by volunteers when their time permits, the scope of the work varies from year to year.

From the historical archives

An Outline of Events
2007 saw the publication of the first edition of a collected list of events that contains an outline of events in Martinus’ life and the history of the cause. It spans from Martinus’ birth in 1890 to the end of 2005. The work is carried out by members of the Archives Group, namely Knud Højgaard in cooperation with Henry Hedegaard. The outline can be read in Danish here. The Archives Group is very happy to receive comments and supplementary contributions to the outline.

Martinus’ correspondance
Much correspondence remains from Martinus’ time. Every year Martinus sent out Christmas letters and other greetings to those who were interested in his work, and he received a great number of personal letters over the years. When time permitted, he sent a personal answer, which could, for example, contain advice and comfort in a difficult situation and an inspiration to understand the individual’s problems in a cosmic perspective. Our Archives Group works continously with registering, scanning and preserving these letters in digital form.  In time the Institute will clarify how this material can be published. Please contact the Institute if you have letters to or from Martinus that can supplement our collection.

Martinus’ original symbols being digitalised in cooperation with co-workers from The Royal Library, March 2009
From our photgraphic archives, Easter 1936

The History of the Cause in Pictures -  the Photographic Archives
We are also continuously scanning the many photographs and slides in the Institute’s archives. Here there are many interesting pictures that shed some light on the history of the cause from the 1930s to today. Our Photographic Group would like to hear from anyone who can contribute additional photographs and slides, particularly from Martinus’ lifetime. Please contact us at the Institute or ring Erik Bech Olesen, tel. +  45 40 82 83 70. Our aim is to create an electronic photo archive that in time can be made available through our homepage to all those who are interested.

Film and sound recordings
Film and sound recordings from Martinus’ time also belong to our interesting historical material. They, like other material, are stored in such a way as to protect them from the influences of light, damp and temperature.