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A love that is not science is not love, just as a science that is not love is not absolute science.
(Livets Bog, vol. 7, sect. 2552)















The aim of world redemption is that people will come to understand this existence and to accept what it can teach them about the laws of life. Imagine what it would mean if, instead of becoming irritated about what happens, one were to use one’s energy to try to understand why what happens is the right thing in precisely the present situation on the basis of the past and in anticipation of the beneficial experiences we can gain from it in the future.
(The Courage to Face Life 2, published in the Danish edition of Kosmos no. 4, 1969)

The Martinus Institute is a non-profit-making institution, which was founded by Martinus with the aim of disseminating his spiritually scientific works. He has transferred the responsibility for and rights to his collected works The Third Testament (see his Deed of Gift) to the Martinus Institute, and has determined which tasks the institute shall perform.  In brief this involves the Institute being responsible for preserving, translating and publishing Martinus’ collected works, The Third Testament. We are also obliged to provide information about these works and to teach the world picture they contain. 

The Institute’s responsibility includes the protection of the content of The Third Testament. The Martinus Institute has the right in copyright law to publish the collected works in all languages, whether it be in the form of books, on the internet or in any other way. In doing so, Martinus wanted to ensure that there is one institute in the world that can guarantee the publication of authorised versions of his works and that can provide information and teaching built directly on this work.

Since 1943 the Institute has been housed at Mariendalsvej 94-96, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark. Martinus lived and worked there for almost 40 years until his death in 1981. Read more about the institute’s historical development.

Today the building contains the Institute’s administration, bookshop and publishing house, which in addition to publishing Martinus’ books, publishes the magazine Kosmos in several languages. The building is also a teaching centre, where there are lectures, seminars and study circles based on the cosmic world picture that Martinus has described. Most of the Institute’s teaching, however, takes place at the Martinus Centre in Klint, Denmark, which is presented separately on this homepage.

We are an idealistic workplace, which, apart from a few permanent employees, attracts a number of voluntary, unpaid co-workers who carry out a substantial amount of the Institute’s many tasks. A large part of the Institute’s finances is based on gifts and bequests.

In the menu on the left you can read more about the Institute’s various tasks, our permanent employees and the loving culture of friendship that inspires us as we cooperate in disseminating knowledge of Martinus’ spiritually scientific analyses.