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Martinus’s Childhood Home becomes part of the Foundation The Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science


The Martinus Institute has just received the approval of the foundation authorities to merge the Foundation The Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science with The Sam Zinglersen Foundation. This means that the foundation behind the Martinus Institute is from now on the owner of Moskildvad, Martinus’s childhood home in Sindal, thus ensuring its preservation for posterity.


Reasons for wanting to merge

Moskildvad has up to now been owned by The Sam Zinglersen Foundation, which, with a capital of only 3 million Danish kroner, has too low an income to continue operating and maintaining Moskilvad on its own. The Martinus Institute has therefore had to provide The Sam Zinglersen Foundation with financial support amounting to a total of 300,000 kroner over the last 10 years.

As there was no prospect of improvement in the foundation’s finances in the coming years, and since major maintenance work is urgently required, the boards of The Sam Zinglersen Foundation and the Foundation The Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science found that the best way of preserving Martinus's childhood home was to merge the two foundations, and an application to do so was sent to the foundation authorities in the spring of 2017.

The merger

The merger itself takes place in such a way that the assets, consisting mainly of Martinus's childhood home, a caretaker’s house and a bond portfolio, will be transferred to the Foundation The Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science, which at the same time takes over a mortgage debt and all the foundation’s other obligations. We expect the merger to be completed by the end of 2017.

The Council of the Martinus Institute, 25th September 2017

You can read more about Martinus’ Childhood home here: and in Danish: