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New books and e-books by Martinus



The Martinus Institute has just published two new books by Martinus, namely book no. 4 “On the Birth of My Mission” and book no. 10 “Cosmic Consciousness”.

We have also reissued 10 of Martinus’ other shorter books: no. 1 “The Fate of Mankind”, no. 2 “Easter”, no. 5 “The Ideal Food”, no. 11 “The Mystery of Prayer”, no. 16 “The Principle of Reincarnation”, no. 17 “World Religion and World Politics”, no. 20 “Meditation”, no. 22 “The Road of Life”, no. 23 “The Immortality of Living Beings” and no. 25 “The Road to Paradise”. The translation of many of them has been revised to some extent. They are paperbacks, size 10.5 x 17 cm, price 55 DKK.

Available from the Martinus Institute’s internet bookshop:

All the above titles are now also available as e-books from