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The Martinus Institute's privacy policy


As a result of the EU's new Personal Data Regulation, The Martinus Institute has formulated a privacy policy to help the public understand what personal data we collect and why.

The purpose of the EU Data Protection Regulation is to strengthen citizens' rights by giving them greater control over their own personal data. This applies not least to major IT companies like Google and Facebook, but all private companies, organisations and public authorities are affected by the new rules that came into force 25.5.2018.

Privacy policy describes in essence what we use personal information for, for example, the delivery of Kosmos, booking of courses and sale of books; the collection of data always originates directly from the subscriber/course participant/customer. In addition, we store data only for as long as necessary and we safeguard data from unauthorized access, manipulation, deletion and data loss. And finally we describe what rights you have as a subscriber/course participant/customer at The Martinus Institute/The Martinus Centre with regard to your personal data.

See our privacy policy in its entirety here.

The Martinus Institute’s privacy policy