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Two new substitute members of the Council of the Martinus Institute


The Martinus Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of two new substitute members of the Board of Directors (the Council) of the Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science. As the Council has currently no vacancies, the two new substitutes will take office only as current members complete their terms of office.

Jens Christian Hermansen
Jens Christian (born 1976) has a PhD. in sociology and is a part-time lecturer at the University of Copenhagen. He has taught and done research for a number of years. Jens Christian has been familiar with Martinus Cosmology since 1997. He is currently involved in teaching, organising conferences, video projects and editing the magazine Kosmos. He lives near the Martinus Centre in Klint in his farmhouse, Solgården, which he is renovating with his wife Andrea.

Kenneth Ibsen
Kenneth Ibsen (born 1974) is a civil engineer and is employed at the National Agency of Environmental Protection as an IT project manager. He has been interested in Martinus Cosmology since he encountered it at the age of 16 and has read most of the literature in the field. Kenneth is a member of the Institute’s voluntary teaching staff and gives regular lectures in Klint. He is also the chairman of the Danish Vegetarian Society, which is experiencing a growth spurt at present. Kenneth moves to the island of Funen in mid 2018 with his girlfriend Lise.