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Voluntary work

We must work like a clock. There must be small cogs and big cogs, but they are all equally important. If only one little cog is missing, the clock will not work. … When it is healthy, everything works together.
(Martinus at a council meeting 23.04.1974)

Interest in Martinus Cosmology is pivotal
The Martinus Institute is an idealistic workplace where tasks are carried out and problems solved through teamwork between a few employees and a large number of unpaid volunteers. Both employees and volunteers share a common basis, namely, that, over and above our professional backgrounds, we all are very interested in Martinus Cosmology.

Cooperation in a loving environment
We are inspired by Martinus’ thoughts about a new humane world culture and would like to create a way of working together that is characterised by the light and loving atmosphere that is the mainstay of this culture.

Are you interested in working as a volunteer?
We are grateful for all the hard work that is done, and welcome others who would like to do voluntary work. You can let the task descriptions on these pages inspire you. You can also read about the tasks at the Martinus Centre, Klint, where a large number of volunteers do various kinds of work.

Our way of working is such that some of the volunteers come once or several times a week, others work mostly at home with various tasks, and yet others come from time to time, when their other commitments allow it. We work as a cooperating network that has two focal points, namely at the Institute in Frederiksberg and at the Martinus Centre in Klint. From there a number of branches go out to the groups, committees and individuals who contribute to the work, each within their own field.

If you would like to contribute by doing voluntary work for a short period of time or a longer one, contact the Institute, e-mail: For voluntary work at the Centre in Klint you can contact Charlotte Anderson or Eigil Kristensen.

Via the links above you can see a presentation of the employees and the boards of the Institute.