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The publication of Martinus' works

Books in Danish

The Institute has its own publishing house, which is responsible for the publication of Martinus’ works in their original language and in a number of other language (see below). The books can be purchased via the Institute’s internet bookshop and by calling personally at the Institute or by telephone. In order to curtail expenses we produce many of our foreign-language books ourselves; the same is true of our brochures and programmes etc.

Books in other languages
Martinus’ collected works The Third Testament addresses itself to people all over the world. We cooperate with a large number of translators who for the moment translate into 20 other languages. Most of them work voluntarily. In Sweden, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Croatia, Serbia and The Czech Republic the books by Martinus that are currently available in translation are published by national publishers. Books in the other languages are published by the Institute. See the list of the foreign publications and distributors.

The Outer Form of Martinus’ Works
The Institute continuously prepares new ways of presenting The Eternal World Picture. The works have to meet today’s requirements as to the layout of the pages and the text, so that the reader can easily read the works and orientate himself in relation to them. Furthermore, it must be expected that the printed medium will increasingly be replaced by e-books and other forms of digital reading options, which make new demands on the design of the books. In 2010 the Institute published its first audiobook (Livets Bog, vol. 1 in Danish), which is yet another new and different way of acquiring Martinus’ analyses. We follow developments within these new ways of publishing Martinus’ works, and will adapt the layout in accordance with future needs. It is the Institute’s wish that the reader should have quick and easy access to reading and searching the literature, regardless of where he or she is located.


The Institute’s publishing house also publishes the magazine Kosmos in six languages: Danish, Swedish, English, German, Spanish and Esperanto. Kosmos is edited by the editorial committees -  one for the Danish and Swedish edition and one for each of the three other language editions. The practical editorial work with the collection of written contributions, translations, layout, proofreading, printing and dispatching is carried out by the Institute’s Kosmos group. We ourselves print and dispatch Kosmos in English, German and Esperanto, the number printed being very modest. By agreement with the Institute, a Dutch edition of Kosmos is published, edited and dispatched by an editorial group in The Netherlands.