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Symbol 32
The Twelve Basic Answers or the Solution to the Mystery of Life

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 32 - The Twelve Basic Answers or the Solution to the Mystery of Life

The symbol symbolises the solution to the mystery of life. The all-embracing, real, great truth about life is that one should love God above all things and one’s neighbour as oneself. The universe is one single great organism for a living being that exists under the concept of God. Through this great organism or the universe the Godhead constitutes a single, eternal and infinitely existing being of light and love in which all living beings live and move and have their being.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The star shape symbolises that the solution to the mystery of life is a revelation of an all-outshining divine light based on culminating harmony, wisdom and love. The solution to the mystery of life will be a shining and warming mental sunrise in the mind and thoughts of every single as yet unfinished human being, an inspiring and life-giving feeling of the presence of God.

  • The orange section that forms the outermost border of the symbol symbolises the energy of gravity, the killing principle or the domain of darkness.
  • Then there is a green area symbolising intelligence, and a yellow area symbolising feeling. When these two energies of consciousness are merged to form a unit, it means that they symbolise intellectualised feeling, which is the same as love. The yellow-green area thus symbolises the domain of light.
  • The yellow-green area also symbolises the two major, main organs of the highest fire: the feminine pole (yellow) and the masculine pole (green). The masculine pole clearly preponderates and thus symbolises a male being. The male beings and female beings are beings in which only one of the two poles is fully developed.
  • The central figure in the middle symbolises the double-poled being. The innermost yellow-green figure symbolises the being’s ordinary pole; the other yellow-green figure symbolises its opposite pole. The masculine and feminine principle have merged to become a harmonious, balanced unit. The being is no longer a specifically male being or a specifically female being.
  • The twelve star sections symbolise twelve basic answers that together represent the solution to the mystery of life. The twelve basic answers can be briefly characterised as follows: 

    Star section no. 1: “Something that is” or the existence of the universe.
    Star section no. 2: Cause and effect. The universe’s ocean of movement constitutes a chain of cause and effect.
    Star section no. 3: Logic and regularity. All processes of creation are ultimately a joy and blessing for living beings.
    Star section no. 4: The creation of ideas or thinking. There is consciousness behind all the processes of creation.
    Star section no. 5: The existence of the living being.
    Star section no. 6: I and it. The living being’s conscious experience of being able to differentiate between itself and its surroundings.
    Star section no. 7: The I ? the causeless cause. The I is a “something” that is not an effect of a previous cause.
    Star section no. 8: The triune principle. The I, the faculty to create and that which is created.
    Star section no. 9: Beings within beings. The main principle of the body of God.
    Star section no. 10: The immorality of the living being, the spiral cycle.
    Star section no. 11: The law of karma or fate.
    Star section no. 12: Everything is very good. The highest view of life.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 32 in The Eternal World Picture 3.