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Symbol 56
Healthy Atomic Activity in the Organism

A summary explanation of symbol no. 56 – Healthy Atomic Activity in the Organism

The symbol shows an atom of gravity (orange) in the stomach and digestive universe with two electrons that belong to it. It can also be seen as a sun with two of its planets. In the atom the energy is accumulated as in an accumulator. This energy gives life, which unfolds itself and contributes to forming the digestive system.

Between the atom and its electrons we see an empty space that is filled with figures. This is intended to show the electrical currents that are released as the power of thought and that give life to the electrons and keep them in their place in exactly the same way as the Earth keeps the other planets in their place. The power of thought has to be released in a specific, measured amount. If the electrons get too little or too much energy, they can wreak havoc to a colossal extent or they can die.

The other figures in the empty space indicate other energies and currents, such as intelligence, feeling and so on, which give life to the other parts of this universe. But here we are mentioning only that which has to do with the energy of gravity.

The symbol also shows figures with the colours of the other basic energies. This is intended to show that the same picture that here holds true for the energy of gravity, and thereby for digestion, also holds true for the area of instinct, feeling, intelligence, intuition and memory. The planets or electrons of these areas obtain their energy in the same way, but through the lines of force that belong to the corresponding basic energy.

In the symbol everything is normal; here the power of thought is well adjusted, that is to say, that the mental life is peaceful and quiet. Here there is nothing that is exaggerated or of inadequate capacity. Here, in these parts of the organism, there is no illness – only radiant health. But this is not how it is yet, because the human being is not a finished human being.


Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.