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Symbol 62
The Intrusion of the Energy of Intuition into the Sphere of Feeling

A summary explanation of symbol no. 62 – The Intrusion of the Energy of Intuition into the Sphere of Feeling

The symbol shows how the energy of intuition (blue) has penetrated the sphere of the energy of feeling (yellow). This takes place through people developing their intuition artificially. This can happen through them, for example, meditating too much, which makes their intuition begin to function, because they want to have a great experience. They try to get cosmic glimpses. This results in mental confusion, completely destroying their emotional make-up. This then continues to spread so as to cause weakness in the organism, but for the time being it will rage particularly in their emotional life. The human being can believe that it is a Christ or God himself, or that it can save the world. It can have very many foolish thoughts, all of which are based on megalomania. This thus happens through an exaggerated intuition, which comes about through far too much mediation. One can of course sit and meditate and use one’s thinking to get oneself into a very ecstatic state and to attain lofty thoughts, so one can get a lightning glimpse or a connection with the highest forces. By this means this explosion then occurs, because one cannot cope with it until one is sufficiently mature to do so.


Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.