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Symbol 64
The Intrusion of the Energy of Gravity into the Sphere of Intuition

A summary explanation of symbol no. 64 – The Intrusion of the Energy of Gravity into the Sphere of Intuition

The symbol shows how the energy of gravity (orange) has broken into the area of intuition (blue). Illness has arisen in the sexual area. This can be in the sexual organs and in the way they are built up.

We see that the energy of gravity in the form of hot-temperedness breaks into the sphere of intuition, and it can cause sadism. We are dealing with sadism when the sexual pleasure can take place only by virtue of the opposite of that which is natural. For it to be natural an extraordinary, pervasive joy and delight has to exist between the beings, while the opposite of that which is natural is to see killing, murder or the fear of death in one’s partner in order to get sexual release. But some beings can sink as low as that, and by virtue of their strongly developed thoughts in this particular direction, they develop more and more in the direction of brutality, of wanting to see suffering, of wanting to choke and torture people. That is what we call sadism.

When the energy of gravity penetrates the sexual area, it leads to the being being not merely mentally defective but also to its organic life being destroyed.


Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.