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Symbol 67A
The Vibrations of the Ideal Food

A summary explanation of symbol no. 67A – The Vibrations of the Ideal Food

Like symbol no. 67 the symbol shows the food that is suitable for the various steps in evolution. This includes the lighter and milder forms of root, seed and leafy products that constitute the temporary ideal food for the terrestrial human being, and the increasing adaptation to fruit flesh that is developing.

The three lowest steps on the step formation symbolise the zones of the beasts of prey, the terrestrial human being and the completely evolved human being respectively. The figures on the right symbolise the life units of meat products, coarse vegetarian food and fruit flesh.

The dark area in the meat life unit constitutes the part that consists of life units A. They are not suitable for digestion as nourishment in another organism, and for them this digestion means death. Through this process the life units B, which constitute the actual nutrition, are liberated. The zigzag line shows the collected vibration of the meat life units. This vibration is far too strong for the terrestrial human organism, whose vibration is shown on the next step in the form of the dotted zigzag line. This step's life unit, which is the life unit of vegetarian food, has a smaller dark area. The killing process involved in consuming this food is not nearly as great. We see that the vibrations of this food, which are shown in the middle of the step, are closer to the vibrations of the terrestrial human organism. For the progressive-minded human being using the vegetarian products represents a higher moral standard.

The symbol of the fruit flesh life unit on the next step does not have any dark area and thereby no life units A that have to be killed during digestion in another organism. Since the vibration of fruit flesh is somewhat smaller than the vibration of the terrestrial human being it cannot yet constitute the main source of nutrition for the terrestrial human being.


Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.

(Note: Martinus has made three variations of this symbol, which have been reproduced as symbols 38, 67 and 67A.)