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Symbol 68
Gastric Acid, Cooking and Diet

A summary explanation of symbol no. 68 – Gastric Acid, Cooking and Diet

The symbol shows how the digestive function changes as evolution gradually takes us forward towards vegetarianism and fruit-eating. This means that our gastric acid will gradually degenerate and we will stop cooking our food. We will gradually reach a state in which we eat only pure fruit flesh.

Evolution is shown on the symbol from left to right. The first three figures in the uppermost row symbolise a life unit in animal food: in human flesh, animal flesh and fish flesh respectively. The fourth figure symbolises a life unit in ripe fruit. In the life units blue symbolises intuition, green intellectuality, yellow feeling, orange gravity and red instinct.

At the bottom of the symbol in the orange areas we see the life units that constitute the actual nutrition. Violet symbolises their spiritual side and the red ring their physical body, which in reality constitutes a wave of electrical energy. These nutritional life units are to be found in all forms of food, that is, in meat, plants and fruit, and can incarnate in our organism, in our flesh and blood. But when we consume them in the form of meat, which consists of advanced, thinking and sentient beings, this advanced life must be killed in order to liberate the actual nutrition. From left to right we see a continuous reduction of highly evolved life that has to be killed, and furthest to the right in the pure fruit flesh there is no killing whatsoever. The fruit flesh remains alive and carries on its life by being absorbed directly as nutrition in the organism.

The cone-shaped figure in the middle of the symbol symbolises digestion and gastric acid. The innermost cone shows that for every step there is less and less gastric acid at the same rate as there is less to digest. Ultimately gastric acid is not needed at all. The grey areas with the flames at the sides of the figure symbolise the human beings' present step in evolution, because coarser raw food in particular, such as root vegetables, celeriac, potatoes and so, will put too much strain on the digestive system of most people. Cooking kills only the units that have to be killed anyway through digestion; through this process the life units that constitute the actual nutrition are liberated. Fruit flesh, on the other hand, constitutes the fitting raw food, which should not be cooked because it would thereby lose some of its vitality.


Martinus' own explanation of the symbol can be found in The Eternal World Picture, vol. 5, which is not yet available in English.