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Martinus’ writings



You can read and search some of Martinus’ books here on the homepage.

The Third Testament

Martinus’ works are collectively entitled The Third Testament. His 7-volume main work is Livets Bog (The Book of Life)The Eternal World Picture, vols. 1-5, in which he explains the main principles in his world picture with the aid of coloured symbols and associated explanations, supplement his main work. His other books include Logic, Bisættelse (On Funerals), Intellectualised Christianity and 28 shorter works; he has also written a substantial number of articles.

See an overview and a presentation of his complete works below. At present more than 20 of Martinus’ books are translated into English and published. Translation of other works is in progress.

The books are published by the Martinus Institute and can be purchased from the Institute’s internet bookshop. The books are also on sale to personal callers at the Institute. You can also order the books from the Institute by telephone. In the UK you can purchase the books from Watkins Books Ltd,. 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ.

The english versions of Martinus' shorter books are also available as e-books from

Some of Martinus’ books are translated into more than 20 other languages. See an overview of works in other languages.



The bibliography lists Martinus’ collected works, both those in the original Danish and those currently available in English translation

See a description of the various books via the menu.

Major books (in English)
  Livets Bog (The Book of Life), volumes 1, 2, 4, and 5
  The Eternal Word Picture, volumes 1-4

Major books that are not yet translated into English:
   Livets Bog (The Book of Life), volumes 3, 6, and 7
   Det Evige Verdens Billede (The eternal World Picture), volume 5
   Bisættelse (On Funerals)
   Den intellektualiserede Kristendom (Intellectualised Christianity)
   Artikelsamling 1 (Collection of Articles, volume 1)

Shorter Books (in English)

  The Fate of Mankind (Book 1)
  Easter (Book 2)
  On the Birth of My Mission  (Book 4)
  The Ideal Food (Book 5)
  Cosmic Consciousness  (Book 10)
  The Mystery of Prayer (Book 11)
  The Principle of Reincarnation (Book 16)
  World Religion and World Politics (Book 17)
  Meditation (Book 20)
  The Road of Life (Book 22)
  The Immortality of Living Beings (Book 23)
  The Road to Paradise (Book 25)
  Marriage and Universal Love 

Shorter books that are not yet translated into English:
  Hvad er sandhed? (What is Truth?- book 3)
  Blade af Guds billedbog (Leaves of God’s Picture Book - book 6)
  Den længst levende afgud (The Longest Surviving Idol - book 7)
  Menneskeheden og verdensbillede (Mankind and the World Picture - book 8)
  Mellem to verdensepoker (Between Two World Epochs - book 9)
  Vejen til indvielse (The Road to Initiation - book 12 - will be republished in
  English in 2013) 
  Juleevangeliet (The Christmas Gospel – book 13)
  Bevidsthedens skabelse (The Creation of Consciousness - book 14)
  Ud af mørket (Out of Darkness - book 15)
  Livets skæbnespil (The Fate-Play of Life - book 18)
  Kosmiske glimt (Cosmic Glimpses - book 19)
  Hinsides dødsfrygten (Beyond the Fear of Death - book 21)
  Kulturens skabelse (The Creation of Culture - book 24)
  Djævlebevidsthed og kristusbevidsthed (Devil-consciousness and
  Christ-consciousness - book 26)
  Verdensfredens skabelse (The Creation of World Peace - book 27)
  To slags kærlighed (Two Kinds of Love - book 28) 

Other publications

  Symbols (coloured plates and posters)
  The Structure of Cooperation (not yet available in English)
  Martinus’ Memoirs (available in the English edition of Kosmos)
  Martinus - As We Remember Him (not yet available in English)