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Kosmos has for many years been one of the main means of communicating Martinus’ Cosmology. Its outer appearance has changed slightly over the years, but the contents have been consistently articles by Martinus as well as articles about Martinus’ analyses and other information.

As the world around us is changing rapidly, so must also Kosmos change in order to keep abreast.

From the new year 2019 the English and German Kosmos will become digital – an online web-magazine available to anybody and free of charge! In this way we hope to reach more people.

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Martinus published Kosmos for the first time in Danish in 1933.

Older volumes of the Danish edition of Kosmos  can be read online here on the website.

A magazine for people interested in spiritual matters

The magazine Kosmos is designed to provide information on Martinus' analyses and improve their understanding of his world picture. The magazine shows how the new humane world culture is gaining influence on people’s lives and on evolution and development all over the world.

The magazine publishes articles that are written by Martinus himself or based on his lectures, and articles written by others with an interest in his work. The articles guide the reader through a wide range of spiritually scientific subjects, such as science versus spiritual science, reincarnation, depression and vitality, health and joy in living, the crisis of marriage, intellectualised Christianity, the science of fate and the development of a new, humane world culture. Through shedding light on these issues, Kosmos tries to give examples of how to put the new ethical view of life of Martinus' world picture into practice, and as a reader of Kosmos you can be inspired to see your own life, and the world we live in, in a broader perspective.

In the regular question-and-answer column, the reader can ask questions about any aspect of Martinus Cosmology. The editors are also happy to receive articles written by readers:

The purpose of Kosmos

Martinus provided the following examples of his wishes regarding the purpose and content of Kosmos.

"Its purpose is firstly to provide information on the growth of my Cause and innovations within it, so that those who are interested can keep themselves up to date with it. Over time the magazine - along with other material - can form the basis for the history of the Cause.
   Its purpose is secondly to demonstrate the influence of the new world impulse on the lives of terrestrial human beings and on Nature, and here there are many possibilities. Topics of particular interest for the magazine are, for example, social and human progress, new scientific discoveries, advances in technology, economy, art, religion, literature and much more, which should all as far as possible be written in such a way as to show their connection with the cosmic world picture. In all essentials, it will suffice to show the emerging positive aspects, since all of life's negative aspects are experienced or made known in abundance through newspapers, radio, war literature, and so on, so that a mere reference to them will often render any emphasis on these aspects unnecessary.
    (Letter to Anon. 09.08.1952)

"... the layer of the population that is hungry for wisdom is much thinner than the layer that is hungry for entertainment. There is thus a much larger audience for a magazine that provides entertainment, than for a magazine that provides wisdom. For this reason, the latter kind of magazine must always be more expensive than the former. " (Kosmos no. 1, 1939)