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The Martinus Centre Klint
... The Centre will thus be the first school on Earth for intellectualised Christianity and a universally loving world culture.
(Martinus, from a New Year letter 1979)
Martinus Center, Klint, Reception

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The Martinus Centre in Klint is an international educational centre for those interested in Martinus Cosmology. The centre is located on the coast in a scenic, peaceful area close to the village of Klint approx. 110 km northwest of Copenhagen. The nearest town is Nykobing Sjælland, about 6 km from the Centre.

Here in 1935 Martinus founded a holiday camp, which has evolved over the years into a modern educational centre with a lecture hall, study rooms, a vegetarian restaurant, various kinds of accommodation and a campsite.

The centre offers intensive tuition and study, at the same time as being a peaceful oasis for spiritual seekers. You can attend courses, listen to lectures and, through private study, immerse yourself in the world picture that Martinus has described in his complete works. You can also let the light and positive atmosphere of the Centre inspire you. It is influenced by the fact that the participants - in Martinus' spirit - would like to contribute to the development of a new humane world culture.


Everyone with an interest in these analyses is welcome at the Centre. No one need feel bound by anything other than his own convictions; there is no association or membership linked to deepening one’s knowledge by visiting the Centre. Most participants come from Scandinavia, but particularly during the international weeks in the summer one can meet participants from many other countries. It is characteristic of the participants that they, through Martinus' analyses, seek a deeper understanding of the nature of life, of their own personal development and of the evolution of the world.


The activities at the Centre

The Centre’s main activity is 6 weeks of summer courses held from late June to mid-August. The last two of these summer weeks are international courses.

During spring, autumn and at the New Year there are lectures, weekend courses and courses lasting one and two weeks. There are also three work weeks, during which all participants do practical work and enjoy the possibility of hearing lectures and the company of others of like mind. The Centre provides ample opportunity for inspiring dialogue and pleasant, interaction in a peaceful, vegetarian, non-smoking environment. You may also rent the Centre’s accommodation if you just want a quiet weekend or a longer stay in beautiful, peaceful surroundings.