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Chapter 3
Man's misunderstanding of the christian world ideals
Why do the followers of the Christian religion not live by the strongly prescribed ideals of their religion? How can it be that the so-called "Christian peoples" are up to now the cleverest warriors in the world? Why do they not love their neighbours as themselves? Why do they not do to other people what they would like to have done to them? Why do they not observe the command to put the sword in its sheath but, on the contrary, use not only the sword but furthermore have, by virtue of their mastery of atomic forces, multiplied millions upon millions of times their ability to kill, destroy and mutilate? Why are there ever more and more empty seats during services in the Christian churches? Why are more and more people becoming materialistic or godless? Why do people not do everything possible to fulfil the Christian ideals through which they would attain the absolute peace that they in reality all wish? In order to understand Man's situation we must go back and take a brief look at the mentality of those to whom the Christian ideals were given.
      Of what sort was the mentality of these people before they became subject to the preaching of the Christian ideals? It was of such a nature that it naturally could not accept these highly elevated ideals to their full extent. By virtue of their religious instinct they were aware that beings higher than human beings existed, and they could likewise also accept that an almighty god existed. They could easily accept these things. Here their instinct helped them and promoted their unshakable belief in this one almighty god; and since they were tired of the killing religion of Valhalla they were also to a certain extent susceptible to the humanity or neighbourly love that the Christian ideals prescribed. But we have since seen that they were not at all able to live by these ideals. They could neither love their neighbours as themselves nor refrain from getting involved in war or from killing. Finally they lost faith in these ideals. Then they formed the idea that people could not fulfil these ideals. It was only the world redeemer, Christ, who could fulfil them. They then began to interpret or form these ideals in such a way as to make them better suit the behaviour they were able to achieve. They introduced the idea of the "forgiveness of sins", which they could obtain by virtue of the crucifixion of Jesus, imagining this as a punishment for the sins of man taken upon himself by the world redeemer, the innocent being. By praying for grace repentant people could then be freed from the effects of the evil they had committed.
      That this modification of the Christian world ideals could not to any significant extent inspire people to get away from the killing ideals of the past is a matter of course. So therefore in some situations they bless war and its murderous weapons and hellish machines. And the world today must live among the wars and massacres, and the religious chaos and godlessness of an Armageddon. But this is in reality nothing other than the fulfilment of the "epoch of doomsday" prophesied by Christ himself.

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