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My cosmic sense horizon  21. I realized that I was an immortal being and that all other living beings in existence were eternal realities which, like myself, had an endless chain of previously lived lives behind them, that all of us have evolved from low, primitive forms of existence to our present stage, that this is only a temporary link on this evolutionary scale, and that we are thus on our way forward towards gigantic, higher planes of existence away in the far distance. I saw that the universe constitutes one single enormous living being in which all other beings are - one and all - organs, and that we - all people, animals, plants and minerals - form one family, and that we, figuratively speaking, are of the same flesh and blood. I saw brilliant and scintillating worlds with unimaginable humanities, humanities possessing morals and idealism which, divinely unfolding and in harmony with the law of existence, and in relation to generally accepted earthly morals, was like comparing an oasis to the desert. But I also saw worlds which were of a much lower nature, worlds in which barbarism constituted such a determining power that the living beings there had to kill in order to live; in fact, worlds where the ruling conditions of life were synonymous with the most enormous violation of the law of existence, thus turning these worlds into the most conspicuous setting for a display of illness and distress, misery, sorrow and suffering, which in actual fact indicates globes in a category from which this terrestrial Globe cannot quite be exempt. Furthermore, I saw that the darkness or the so-called "evil" in reality was identical with the individuals' development of those qualifications which are absolutely necessary if life in the later higher worlds is to be experienced by them as happiness or bliss, and by that I came to realize that "darkness" is just as great a blessing for cosmic understanding as is "light", and that everything in the divine sight is "very good". But I felt too that this knowledge could never be experienced, or could never stand forth as a true reality for any human being until his faculty of love is so far developed in its evolution that he is only able to be good or loving towards all living beings, and thus could never misuse that said knowledge in making it a defence for egoistic or unloving actions. Thus I have felt the entire universe pervaded by an endless love and wisdom. Wherever I directed my sight in the "darkness", there it became light - I had become my own source of light. The cosmic baptism of fire through which I had passed - the closer analysis of which I cannot specify here - had thus released in me entirely new sensory abilities, abilities which enabled me - not in glimpses - but on the contrary in a permanent state of awake day-consciousness - to apprehend all main spiritual forces, invisible causes, eternal world laws, basic energies and basic principles behind the physical world. The mystery of existence was therefore no longer a mystery to me. I had become conscious in the life of the whole universe, and had been initiated into the "Divine Creative Principle".

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