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The Third Testament. The Christmas Gospel
Book no. 13
© Martinus Institut, 2019
1st English edition, 1st printing, 2019
ISBN 978-87-575-0713-3 (paperback)
Set in Century Schoolbook
Printed by Narayana Press
Printed in Denmark, 2019

Published by the Martinus Institute, Denmark

Other editions of this book: ISBN 978-87-575-5112-9 (e-book, Mobi), 2019.

Original Danish title: Juleevangeliet, 1949.

Prepared by Martinus himself from a lecture he gave on 10th December 1944. Published in Danish in Kontaktbreve (Contact Letters) nos. 108-118, 1945-46.

Translated by Anton Jarrod, 2019, with the assistance of Mary McGovern.

Copying, reprinting and reproducing text and images in other ways are permitted only with the written agreement of the Martinus Institute. Quotations from Martinus's works may be reproduced without permission if done in accordance with the Copyright Act.

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