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The Third Testament, The Eternal World Picture, volume 4
© Martinus Institut 2001
2nd edition 2013
ISBN 978-87-575-0791-1 (softback)
Set in Century Schoolbook and printed by Narayana Press
Printed in Denmark 2013

Published by The Martinus Institute, Denmark (

1st edition 2001

Other editions of this book:
ISBN 978-87-575-5170-9 (e-book, MOBI), 2013

The supplementary numbering of the long symbol explanations has been made by The Martinus Institute. The numbering of some of the sections has been changed in relation to previous editions.

Translated by MaryMcGovern, 2000
Translated from the second Danish edition of 1998

Original Danish title: Det Tredje Testamente, Det Evige Verdensbillede, bog 4
First edition 1994
© Martinus Institut 1994

Front cover symbol:
No. 23, The Finished Human Being in God's Image after His Likeness.
Back cover symbol:
No. 19, Through the Darkness of Initiation (Hell or Armageddon).
(Both symbols are explained in The Eternal World Picture, volume 2)

Copying, reprinting and reproducing text and images in other ways are permitted only with the written agreement of the Martinus Institute. Quotations from Martinus' works can be reproduced without permission if done in accordance with the Copyright Act.

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