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Table of Contents for The Fate of Mankind

1.    The present crisis of mankind
2.    The old must fall
3.    The human being demands proofs
4.    Spiritual knowledge
5.    World redemption
6.    Two forms of religiousness
7.    When one becomes one with life
8.    Science is an "unborn embryo"
9.    The physical world and the spiritual world
10.    The planes of existence
11.    The spiral zones
12.    The I of the living being
13.    The mother energy, the superconsciousness and the subconsciousness
14.    The physical and spiritual sensory perception of the terrestrial human being
15.    The new body
16.    The return of the energy
17.    The living being has an eternal existence
18.    Why the individual does not remember his eternal past
19.    The brain is not the ultimate seat for sensory perception
20.    Memories and the body of memory
21.    Why sleep is perceived as unconsciousness
22.    Dreams
23.    The bodies of the I
24.    The terrestrial human being's realisation of cosmic consciousness
25.    The fear of death is due to ignorance
26.    Natural death as an event of light
27.    Unnatural death
28.    Suicides and death
29.    Purgatory
30.    Death as "resurrection"
31.    Terrestrial disharmony gives rise to spiritual development
32.    Science becomes the salvation of the world
33.    Science is already to a certain degree illuminating the world
34.    Science and "the Holy Spirit"
35.    The killing principle becomes a vital necessity
36.    The individual attains certainty instead of vague notions
37.    The basic cause of the dark fate of terrestrial Man
38.    Society is governed by primitive tendencies of consciousness
39.    Terrestrial mankind as a "theatre of war"
40.    Love comes into being
41.    When the great commandment "Love one another" becomes science
42.    An imperfect and primitive social system
43.    The nations constitute a world kingdom without a government or sovereign authority
44.    The United Nations as the embryo of an incipient world government or world authority
45.    National selfishness and unselfishness
46.    The world government consisting of the most noble representatives of science
47.    The essence of mankind's evolution and fate in twelve points

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