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Table of Contents for Cosmic Consciousness

  Cosmic Consciousness
1.    Cosmic consciousness and God's creation of light
2.    Involution and evolution
3.    Instinct is a remnant of past "cosmic consciousness"
4.    The faculty of memory behind the ability to sense and perceive
5.    In order that the sensory reaction can become experience or knowledge, it must be connected through concentration with the experiences of the individual
6.    The cause of "everyone being at war with everyone else" is a question of experience and sensory perception
7.    Every kind of discord has its root in mental immaturity or intellectual inability
8.    Only those who love everything and everyone have real peace in their hearts
9.    The right understanding of life and the ensuing humane attitude to everything and everyone cannot be conveyed to any being through dictate, torture or punishment
10.    The being's perception of life is its "fate compass"
11.    The perfectly happy fate is not attained by the belief in the power of the sword
12.    Where the being is still a cosmic infant it cannot see the perfection or the universal love in Nature or the universe
13.    Human beings are still crude beings in the manifestation of the divine world plan
14.    What is it that transforms beings into humanitarians and creates "cosmic consciousness"
15.    The road to "cosmic consciousness" goes through the development of the faculty to understand and forgive
  Mental Sovereignty
1.    Initiation and cosmic consciousness
2.    Why the terrestrial human being represents death instead of life
3.    With the very judgement that one judges others, one judges oneself
4.    Mental liberation and the perfect faculty to love
5.    Beings who talk with the Godhead and in whom the Godhead is well pleased
6.    What neighbourly love brings to those who practise it
7.    Employing force, torture, death and subjugation instead of neighbourly love
8.    The culmination of terrestrial mankind's materialistic knowledge and the resultant cosmic death
9.    Ordinary death has nothing to do with real death; it is, on the contrary, a phenomenon that reveals the imperishability of life
10.    Real death is imperceptible and is experienced only as a special section of consciousness in the individual's view of life
11.    Primitive human beings live a more awake day-conscious life with the Godhead and thereby with actual truth than modern civilised human beings
12.    Primitive human beings and civilised human beings in relation to cosmic death
13.    The two principles of experiencing: "the tree of life" and "the tree of knowledge"
14.    Through existence as a master, as well as existence as a slave, the living being loses its mental sovereignty
15.    Being the master of matter without being the servant of life
16.    What it is that is wrong with the behaviour of terrestrial human beings
17.    How one creates the lasting peace, so longingly awaited, or perfect happiness or a perfect experience of life
18.    What transforms the "animal" into a "human being"
19.    The formation of the perfected human being through neighbourly love or the fulfilling of life's intention
20.    The living being's experience of the highest sovereignty, immortality and of being identical to God's image beyond time and space in all eternity

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