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Table of Contents for The Road to Initiation

  The Road to Initiation
1.    Daily life on Earth is a divine fairy tale
2.    A journey in the dark
3.    When human knowledge becomes a curse instead of a blessing
4.    The experience of death instead of life
5.    The key to the gate of wisdom
6.    Pride and humility
7.    Why humility is absolutely necessary
8.    When "small people" think they are "great"
9.    It is not the desire for riches and honour that characterises the really great human being
10.    What characterises imagined or artificial greatness
11.    The rich man and the "eye of the needle" or the guardians of the threshold
12.    When a rich man gets into spiritual conflict with his Croesus way of living
13.    True and false members of the upper class
14.    Just as individuals are rich and poor, so too are nations rich and poor, thus sharing the same circumstances of fate
15.    True wealth can be neither bought nor sold
16.    Why real members of the upper class are not recognised
17.    Artificial differences in social class
18.    The rich man's sympathies and antipathies
19.    Imagined social rank and "the emperor's new clothes"
20.    Very poorly camouflaged vanity
21.    Primitive vanity in civilised human beings and in primitive human beings
22.    Gala adornments do not turn a criminal into a saint or into a more highly evolved human being than he originally is
23.    When primitive vanity ultimately gives rise to humility in the arrogant mind
24.    Pride within the religious realm
25.    The "whited sepulchers", the contents of which are "dead bones and all uncleanness"
26.    Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted
27.    The dissatisfied "workers in the vineyard" still exist
28.    False Christs, false prophets and false occult authorities
29.    What it is that reveals a false prophet or false spiritual authority
30.    When the candle wants to compete with the Sun
31.    Pride is the most effective way of closing one's senses to higher occult experience or cosmic clear-sightedness
32.    One gives one's full friendship only to, and confides only in, a human being who is understanding and loving
33.    How one comes into contact with evolution and real life by recognising one's imperfection
34.    What we call "humility"
35.    Humility removes the "guardians of the threshold" and opens the gates of initiation for the "prodigal son", who thereby becomes one with his eternal Father
  On My Cosmic Analyses
1.    What is needed in order to understand cosmic analyses
2.    The human being of feeling and the human being of intelligence
3.    The high-intellectual human being
4.    High-intellectuality or being "one with the Father"
5.    Perfect perception of primitive thought climates
6.    On the concept that the "ways of God are inscrutable"
7.    A perception that induces people to believe in death instead of in life
8.    Materialistic researchers and "universal love"
9.    Beings whose reasoning is partial and that cannot therefore "see God"
10.    The talent for experiencing the Godhead or the universe
11.    Sympathies and antipathies
12.    Spiritual balance and eternal peace, the Holy Spirit or the great birth
13.    The greatest obstacle to the attainment of the highest knowledge
14.    Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall
15.    Whom the kingdom of heaven, cosmic consciousness or the highest knowledge begins to approach
16.    Why one should neither judge nor be intolerant towards other people
17.    The good soil for the new cosmic world impulse
18.    The reaction of the human being of feeling and the human being of intelligence to my interpretation of the great facts
19.    Those beings in whom "God's image" is growing visibly in their daily way of being
20.    When one is disappointed in friends who are not interested in spiritual science
21.    How people for whom spiritual science is the basis of their lives ought to behave towards other beings
22.    When I use the expression: "I and the Father are one"
23.    The source of my knowledge
24.    My cosmic experience or the experience of the Holy Spirit
25.    The guarantee of the identity of my cosmic analyses with the eternal truth
26.    Why my mission can be only light and can become only light
  The Culture of Giving
1.    When a gift is a prepayment for an expected gain
2.    The present organisation of society and its influence on its mentality
3.    Advertising as propaganda camouflaged as a gift
4.    The sufferings of society, dictatorship and the principle of giving
5.    It is neither wealth nor poverty but the ability to give that characterises a human being's step in evolution
6.    The salvation of the world through the principle of giving, the downfall of dictatorship and the rise of democracy
7.    The principle of giving and the cycle of nature. Democracy and world redemption
8.    True giving

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