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Table of Contents for The Principle of Reincarnation

  The Principle of Reincarnation
1.    Death will cease being a mystery
2.    The transformation of the organism
3.    The replacement of terrestrial human beings' organisms
4.    Total and partial replacement of the organism
5.    Learning to die by learning to live
  The Galaxies of the Universe
1.    Physical space
2.    Macrocosmos and microcosmos
3.    Chaotic consciousness and cosmic consciousness
4.    "The human being in God's image" is about to be created
5.    The necessity of spiritual perspectives
6.    The "empty space" is not empty
7.    The human being and the cosmos
  Unnatural Fatigue
1.    Fatigue and depression among all classes of society
2.    Depression and self-pity
3.    Mental invalids
4.    The great mental strain on the modern human being
5.    Greater sensitivity and ability to conceptualise
6.    The connection between the ability to conceptualise and egoism or self-centeredness
7.    Mental conflicts and autosuggestion
8.    The heavy burden of self-pity or "martyrdom"
9.    The effects of self-tyranny
10.    A new humane condition of life
11.    The life-giving force of existence and neighbourly love
  Through the Empty Space of the Universe
1.    Distances in space
2.    The appearance and disappearance of a stellar system
3.    The empty space is a spiritual world
4.    Religious and intellectual primitivity
5.    Our world of thought is a part of the empty space or the invisible world
6.    Why God is "in heaven"
7.    "Birth" and "death"
8.    Our eternal "I" behind matter
9.    For the highest spiritual abilities and senses no empty space exists
10.    The physical world is a secondary world
11.    The Earth is a living organism that we cannot leave while in a physical state

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