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Table of Contents for The Road of Life

  The Road of Life
1.    The eternal road
2.    The cosmic breathing and the eternal contrasts
3.    The primary and secondary state of consciousness of the Godhead and the eternal renewal of life
4.    The zone of darkness or life's cosmic school of wisdom
5.    The adventure of life
6.    The living being as an eternal creator with an eternal ability to experience
7.    The Godhead's revelation of himself and the way out of the cosmic winter zone for terrestrial human beings
  Mental Prisons
1.    The hidden cosmic message of summer
2.    From a cosmic point of view most people are still "dead souls"
3.    The majority still view Nature's scenery as an expression of chance
4.    The living beings are on different steps in evolution
5.    "Heathens" and "Christians"
6.    The difference between heathens and Christians is not as great as most people think
7.    The terrestrial human being is still not a fully developed human being
8.    "Pangs of conscience"
9.    The terrestrial human being lives by a mixed morality
10.    Why the terrestrial human being is unhappy
11.    Mental prisons
12.    The terrestrial human being prefers taking to giving
13.    The meaning of life
14.    Cosmic freedom
15.    What the initiate knows
16.    The innermost essence of the law of retribution
17.    What is revealed by the human being's need to judge others
18.    What the terrestrial human being knows and does not know
19.    As long as the individual hates and persecutes
20.    The only way out of the mental prisons of life
  The Secondary and the Primary Resurrection
1.    The resurrection of Jesus from the grave
2.    The real primary resurrection in the life of Jesus has been obscured by the Christian world's excitement over Jesus' secondary "resurrection" or materialisations before his disciples
3.    Materialisation and dematerialisation
4.    Ordinary materialisation or the creation of the embryo in the mother's womb
5.    Temporary materialisation will one day become a kind of "virgin birth" that can raise reincarnation up beyond the present form of physical birth and death
6.    The principle of materialisation and the "virgin birth" of Jesus
7.    Why materialisations are so rare and occur only in intimate closed groups and circles
8.    Jesus and the secondary and the primary "resurrection"
9.    Christianity's mistaken view of the secondary resurrection at the expense of the primary resurrection
10.    "The primary resurrection" as the all-outshining goal of the Godhead's will for the terrestrial human being

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