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Table of Contents for The Immortality of Living Beings

  The Immortality of Living Beings
1.    Only through the recognition of the immortality of beings can the justice of their happy and unhappy fates be revealed
2.    In order to reach the highest perfection or become "man in God's image" it is essential that one experiences with one's intellect God's love and justice in the universe
3.    What the living being's evolution confirms for us
4.    How ignorance has created the superstition that living beings are "mortal"
5.    If the living being is immortal
6.    The immortal structure of the living being
7.    Immortality and the justice of the fates of living beings
  The Necessity of Spiritual Science
1.    Situations in which academic scholars are merely "laymen"
2.    Why knowledge of the spiritual world cannot be accepted by science
3.    There is more between heaven and earth than stone, water and air
4.    When one has abandoned living facts to live on dead ones
5.    Solutions in terms of weights and measures cannot be an adequate basis for true happiness
6.    The true cause of mankind's present misfortune
7.    Only a real science of thought or spiritual science can re-establish mankind's mental or spiritual stability
8.    What "science" is
9.    Mankind finds itself in a crash-dive towards dictatorship
10.    What true "democracy" and true "communism" cannot be, and what they are
11.    How democracy and communism have become the opposite of what they were intended to be
12.    How dictatorship defeats both religion and materialistic science
13.    No national government whatsoever can remedy the misery
14.    The delusion of the great majority
15.    What people must do in the first place
16.    Mankind's salvation is not a problem of goods or money but a psychic problem
17.    All the states of the world united in one government is the salvation of the world
18.    Spiritual science and peace
  Primitiveness and Superstition
1.    How primitiveness and superstition bring cultures to the decline or Armageddon that is foretold in the Bible
2.    Why one cannot justifiably assert that the present culture is free of primitiveness and superstition
3.    The perfect human being in God's image and his perfect world culture or kingdom on earth
4.    The present modern culture's unfinished sides. No. 1: The human being's deadly relationship with animals
5.    The present modern culture's unfinished sides. No. 2: Man's fatal hunger for poison
6.    The present modern culture's unfinished sides. No. 3: Armageddon
7.    "Judge not..."

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