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Table of Contents for The Road to Paradise

1.    Why the people of the Earth live in darkness as regards their fate
2.    The beings' unhappy fates are not a "punishment" for "sins" committed
3.    What is it that makes people form notions about "paradise" and "hell"
4.    People's passive and negative belief in life after death
5.    Mesocosmic mental constructions on the physical plane of existence
6.    Macrocosmic and microcosmic mental constructions on the physical plane
7.    Why our experience of life constitutes the feeling of an "inner" world and an "outer" one
8.    Why people believe that death is a complete cessation of life and existence
9.    The difference between the physical and spiritual faculties to experience life and to create
10.    Ray-formed or spiritual matter
11.    A sensory area in which the living beings can sense and create independently of the physical organism
12.    The so-called "dead" live a fully active life on the spiritual plane of existence
13.    Why living beings must incarnate in physical matter
14.    The living being's physical organism is but a temporary extension to its primary spiritual structure
15.    Why the physical and spiritual planes must be separate
16.    Why the living being must go through physical rebirths as a plant, an animal and a human being
17.    The law of life that determines that the manifestation or creation of the living being must be logical
18.    The recreation of the living being's consciousness in each new spiral cycle
19.    Sufferings are cosmic sources of wisdom and constitute the road to love or the culmination of the experience of life
20.    The being's acquisition of the most perfect ability to think and the cessation of reincarnation
21.    The spiritual world is the land of joy and happiness, while the physical world is God's workshop for the creation of the "human being in God's image"
22.    Death is the gateway to paradise
23.    Death is a vital necessity for the attainment of the highest bodily and mental perfection
24.    The being's transformed existence after death
25.    Purgatory and paradise
26.    Death as a divine liberation from old age, illness, sorrow and suffering
27.    The spiritual plane of existence is a world of culminating light for all living things
28.    The reciprocal mental copies of the spiritual and the physical worlds
29.    The living being's consciousness and mental images
30.    The living being's two sensory horizons: the physical and the spiritual
31.    Where the "curses" upon "sin" set forth in the Bible occur and where they do not occur
32.    Purgatory is an epoch of preparation for the experience of paradise
33.    Where reincarnation becomes superfluous and ceases
34.    Why all beings experience an individually adapted paradise
35.    Why paradise is a culminating experience of light, and purgatory is a culminating experience of darkness
36.    When the "curses" in the Bible turn out to be blessings for the human being
37.    The epoch of paradise as a divine revelation of caresses for the living being in its passage through the spiral cycle's culmination of darkness
38.    The world where dreams are reality, the beings' paradise or the sunny regions and home of life
39.    The artists' paradise
40.    The unfinished human beings' dream existence or paradise
41.    The living being's absolute, true paradise
42.    Where Jesus' words, "In my Father's house are many mansions...", become a reality
43.    The Christian world religion's ecclesiastical teaching about paradise and hell
44.    A judicial practice that is the culmination of injustice, and a Godhead who dictates to people a rule of conduct that He Himself does not practice
45.    A derailed perception of God
46.    The downfall of a derailed image of the Godhead and the birth of a new world epoch in which there is neither "sin", "punishment" nor fear of death
47.    From a cosmic point of view all living beings are well provided for and taken care of
48.    When people have a dark experience of purgatory because of their religion
49.    The beings in purgatory and the intervention of the guardian angels
50.    The beings' religious paradise and other dreams
51.    The inhumane or animal paradise
52.    The humane or human paradise
53.    The beings' communication with one another in paradise
54.    The normal channel of communication between physical and spiritual beings
55.    Situations in which physical beings can be possessed by spirits
56.    The road of life or the road to paradise
57.    Life's highest paradise

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