Life as a cosmic theatre – a way to understanding our fate (course in English)

Weekend course in English (online and onsite), with Mary McGovern, Anne Pullar, Micael Söderberg and Pernilla Rosell
26th–28th May 2022, Friday 19.00/7 pm – Sunday 14.30/2.30 pm CET

Price online: 250 kr.
Price on-site: Course + meals: 650 kr. Course + meals + accommodation: 1.250 kr.

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Welcome to a hybrid weekend course where you can take part from your home or from the Martinus Centre in Klint.

To what extent do we have a free will and how much can we influence our fate? According to Martinus’s analyses our lives can be compared to a cosmic theatre play, where we are actors, directors, members of the audience and stage hands at the same time. We play different roles on this “stage of life”, creating and experiencing our fate based on experiences, habits and talents. Behind the scenes we have “the engine room” that Martinus calls our “night consciousness”. Here we have hidden talents and powers that we are not always aware of in our daily life.

Programme: Hybrid course 26-28 May 2023


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The physical course takes place at:
Martinus Center Klint

Klintvej 69, Klint
DK-4500 Nykøbing Sjælland



26 - 28 maj 2023


Martinus Center Klint