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Individual training

In an answer to a question in Kosmos no. 3, 1933 (the Danish edition) Martinus gives us concrete instructions about things we would all benefit from practising in order to develop our own mentality by using our willpower:

  • Remove the concept of “enemies” from your consciousness.
  • Never retort against anger, slander or other forms of unpleasantness directed towards you.
  • Never say anything evil about anyone or anything.
  • Be absolutely truthful and honest in all the situations of life.
  • Be absolutely uninfluenced by flattery, praise and criticism.
  • Never take part in killing, wounding or mutilating.
  • Never let your thought deviate from focusing on how you best can serve your fellow beings. In so doing you will be practising the very highest form of yoga or the most perfect training of the part of your development that is within the scope of your will and that, together with the other part of the refining of your nature by life itself, will ultimately lead you forward to becoming a moral genius and transform you into a perfect being, a God-like human being.  (Kosmos no. 3, 1933)