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Martinus answers

About reincarnation and justice, the capitulation of religion and materialism, no one can suffer injustice

Will the recognition of reincarnation influence world morality?

As long as reincarnation is not accepted by public opinion or the great majority of terrestrial mankind it will be impossible for an absolutely perfect or just world morality to manifest itself. As long as one does not understand reincarnation, understanding of the true or absolute world picture will be an impossibility. The modern materialistic world picture is not the true one. It only constitutes a series of analyses of the material content and paths of globes and Milky Ways - a knowledge which does not have even the slightest influence on world morality. And as long as the psycho-physical world picture constitutes an unknown phenomenon, its structure and laws, including its moral laws, will remain unknown. It is precisely this ignorance which today gives rise to the following expressions: “There is no justice”; “Life is a result of chance”; “Every man for himself” etc. And so one organises the conduct of one's life on this basis. One cannot understand that there can be justice in a world where one sees that some children are born into ill-health, wretched poverty and misery to unloving parents who bring them up to be criminals, while other children are born into a life of wealth and happiness, protected by loving parents, gaining admittance to the highest and most respected circles in the community. Some children are born very untalented while others are born with brilliant talents and abilities. One child is born as a genius; another is born mentally handicapped. Some living beings are slaves who must work and toil and exert themselves for others who can then make a profit from their labours and themselves live a life of luxury. Some living beings die of gluttony and idleness; others die from hunger and overexertion. Some children die immediately after birth while others manage to live to be a hundred. Some children are born with an exceptionally magnanimous and friendly psyche, and others are born with a mentality which can only produce the behaviour of a bandit or a thief. How could there be justice in a world where everything is apparently completely meaningless and the good things of life are so unequally divided?

Although ecclesiastical Christianity seeks to explain this apparent injustice with religious dogmas and traditions which express the world picture in the image of an almighty Godhead who is the creator and controller of all living beings, it has not been able, by this means to submit phenomena which prove that the world picture is the culmination of justice and love. In this its helplessness it has had to capitulate with the expression: “The ways of God are inscrutable”. What has brought ecclesiastical Christianity to this intellectual capitulation or barrenness and the consequent sharp reduction in the number of Christians in the world is its teaching about a Godhead who is declared to be almighty, all-loving and all-knowing and who nevertheless allows an enormous majority of his created living beings to end up in an eternal hell - a state of agony and torment from which they could never in all eternity be free. This terrible agony is said to be a punishment for errors or mistakes committed in a single physical life on earth. How can an eternal or everlasting punishment be justly commensurate with a temporary or finite phenomenon? And how can the created be punished for their own imperfection? They have, of course, not created themselves but are the product of a creator. Must not this creator then have the responsibility? When the creator is almighty, why does He then create living beings knowing in advance, because of His omniscience, that they will end up in Hell? If He cannot create these living beings perfectly, He is not almighty, and if He does not know in advance that they will end up in Hell He is not all-knowing and if He knows in advance that they will end up in Hell but does not wish to free them from this great agony - indeed in addition sends the greatest part of His created beings there, He is not all-loving. Imagine if such a Godhead underwent a mental examination. What must the diagnosis be? A creative beings whose greatest work is the production of living beings with a mental or spiritual structure which inevitably condemns them to a life culminating in perpetual pain and suffering from which there is no escape, a condition in which they must eternally utter their death-cries in vain to their totally unfeeling and unmerciful creator, whose omnipotence and omniscience could have prevented this entire diabolical panorama and could thereby have created a sunlit, radiant existence for all - such a creator must be totally unloving. As living beings in Hell can never in all eternity be released from their torment, their stay there would be totally devoid of any beneficial or useful purpose for the beings themselves. If almighty God nevertheless inexorably maintains these beings in eternal torment, it can only be because it is a source of pleasure to Him. But a being who finds pleasure in seeing living beings helplessly maintained in terrible torment can only be abnormal. His diagnosis can only be expressed by one word: “Sadism”.

It is this devil in its purest form hidden in the dogma's outdated terminology, this hundred-per-cent paganism in the religious traditions which has long been causing Christianity to lose those followers who begin to think for themselves. One appreciates that there must be a Being of Love or a Christ in flesh and blood in order to dim, crumble and disintegrate this sadistic image of the master of the universe. This image of a sick Godhead cannot possibly give the developed researcher inspiration and adequate assurance of justice and so a fundamental basis for the creation of a higher morality.

As the other great world religions also contain comprehensive pagan dogmas or conceptions which cannot bear real intellectual scrutiny, these religions will likewise lose their followers in ratio to the speed at which people's intellectual faculties unfold. Paradises attended by soulless Valkyries, not to mention the fear of becoming a crocodile, a snake, an octopus or some other sort of creeping thing if one does not fulfil the dictates of one's religion, will disappear like dark clouds before intellectual light. And Man must seek new mental and psychical bases for the creation of morality.

Since modern materialistic science, as previously mentioned, can only give Man analyses of substance or matter, it cannot possibly solve the mystery of life. Life consists not only of substance or matter but also of that life which directs and manifests itself through substance or matter. This science therefore cannot possibly create the basis for morality. Spiritual or mental darkness, Godlessness, or denial of the existence of Providence controls daily life in the domain of materialistic science. Possession of the largest army and navy, or fighting forces with the greatest possible capacity to kill, murder and destroy must therefore be considered as the only effective security measure or safeguard. Therefore everything here becomes more a question of Might than of Right. And here terrestrial Mankind, who is so very full of materialistic knowledge and ability, must place himself at the level of the animals and arrange his life according to the law of the jungle: 'Might is Right'. As Man differs from the animals by being an ethical being, which means that he is destined to have to live according to the principle 'Right is Might', he cannot live according to the law of the jungle - 'Might is Right' - without undermining the true human experience of life, which is permanent peace, happiness and joy based upon the understanding of, and love towards, everyone and everything. The morality of the jungle can only give terrestrial Man an animal experience of life, which is the same as a permanent existence on guard against dreaded evils, sorrows and sufferings, intensified in the case of terrestrial Man to the same degree as he has intensified his animal appearance with artificial weapons for defence and attack. And this intensified following of the law of the jungle is today the morality of the world. The relationship between states and people is determined by this. That life, therefore, to a corresponding degree must become animal-like instead of humane, must become war instead of peace, follows as a matter of course.

After this capitulation of religion and materialism, the new incipient spiritual science, with its cosmic analyses of the living something behind matter or substance and its portrayal of the real psycho-physical world picture, will be the only practicable path yet revealed towards world peace. Here reincarnation or the individual's eternal existence becomes understood from an unshakeable logical basis. Through the knowledge of this eternal existence one sees that one is the first cause, creator and originator of one's own fate, and that absolutely none of one's fellow beings or one's surroundings could ever be the cause of where we are born, who we receive as parents, which environment or circumstances we belong to, which sorrows, sufferings or other forms of unpleasantness we experience. These fellow beings and surroundings will never be able to be anything other than the means or tools through which we, with our own being, consciously or unconsciously cause or form our own experience of life, which is of course the same as our fate. As our fate can only be the effect of causes we ourselves have created, partly in this present terrestrial life and partly in previous terrestrial lives, there is nothing to be justifiably angry about, no one to blame for any unpleasantness or unhappy event in our fate. We see that all unpleasantness is an expression of our own imperfection in the art of living and therefore helps us to learn from every form of unpleasantness or every kind of experience. Thus spiritual science's analyses of reincarnation and the world picture completely removes the great superstition that one can cause injustice and suffer injustice. It removes any kind of basis for martyrdom and shows that every form of hate, anger, envy or, in brief, every form of lack of love is the Fall or error of the yet unfinished or cosmically blind terrestrial man. As Falls or errors give one experiences, and experiences lead to knowledge of life, and knowledge of life leads to cosmic clear-sightedness or cosmic initiation, which forms the basis for the perfect, humane man or the being in God's image, then all Falls or errors are thus useful and absolutely essential in the divine world plan and thereby verify as fact the eternal words “Everything is very good”. When the cosmic analyses of reincarnation become inevitable, fully aware day-conscious realisation among the majority of terrestrial mankind, love will replace the law of the jungle in the prevailing world morality. Harmony and peace, art and science, beauty and joy will then be the prevailing, radiant links between all the peoples, nations, races and individuals of the world.

First published in Contact Letter no. 10/1950
Translation: Mary McGovern, 1984
Published in the English edition of Kosmos no 4/1984

© Martinus Institut 1981,
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