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Martinus answers

About a name for the “Martinus movement”

Why does the “Martinus movement” not have a suitable name by which it can be recognised like other spiritual movements such as Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Inner Mission or Jehovah's Witnesses?

As there does not and will never exist around my spiritual work any form whatsoever of union, sect or religion with drawn-up laws and rules, with sacraments and baptismal ceremonies and so on, there will therefore be no “movement” whatsoever to name.

The fact that my spiritual work will have more and more interested students and readers does not, all the same, mean that they can be described as an organised religious community. That one studies or reads my works no more means that one thereby forms a community, sect or church than if one reads other authors' scientific works. As my entire spiritual work aims only at being a teaching or a manifestation of knowledge in the form of the world picture's analyses through this to reveal the conditions for neighbourly love or the humane conduct of life or behaviour which will make the human being identical with world peace, so my work, with its intellectual structure, can never become a religion based on belief. It can, on the contrary, become only a school, a college, an institution for guidance and training in the science of life, whereby the developed student can be in contact with his divine transformation from animal to “Man in God's image”.

This, my work, is thus for absolutely all seekers after truth quite independent of what religion, nation or race they may belong to. My analyses are, just like any other science, absolutely neutral and impartial.

As my spiritual work is thus a manifestation of and a guidance in the world picture's eternal analyses, it can purely and simply only be described as cosmic science, which is in turn the same as “Spiritual science”, just as the students of this spiritual science can only be called “spiritual researchers”. To portray my spiritual work and its interested researchers by any other description can only be an expression of a total misunderstanding.

First published in Contact Letter no. 21/1951
Translation: Mary McGovern, 1987
Published in the English edition of Kosmos no 1/1987

© Martinus Institut 1981,
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