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The Importance of Gifts

Thank you for all the many gifts we have received
When we work with the finances for the Martinus Institute, we do so with a delightful feeling of gratitude. This is due to the fact that the Institute benefits so much from by the principle of giving. Every year we receive very many gifts ? partly in the form of voluntary work on a large scale, and partly in the form of monetary gifts and legacies.

How do we use the gifts?
The gifts constitute the main basis for the Institute’s work. They ensure that, year after year, we can continue and develop the many activities at the Martinus Centre, Klint and at the Martinus Institute in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Monetary gifts contribute to the carrying out of a great number of ongoing tasks such as the publication of books at home and abroad, translations, information, teaching, the digitalisation of the works, the maintenance of buildings, the renewal of furnishings and installations etc. There are also future-orientated investments in the renovation and extention of the Institute’s properties, which we carry out in years when there are sufficient means to do so. The main focus for this is our course centre in Klint, where there is great need for renovation of the old study rooms and accommodation, including the summer cottages, in particular. In practice gifts and inheritances are used partly to cover running expenses, partly for investments, and partly to the awarding of grants for activities that support our ongoing work. In the financial overview of the Institute’s fund you can find further details about the use of the Institute’s finances.

Support from society
The Institute’s work also benefits from society in that Fonden Martinus Aandsvidenskabelige Institut (The Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science Fund) has the status of a non-profit-making fund. This means that there are tax advantages connected to the use of monetary gifts that the Institute receives.

How you can give financial support

See how you can give support in the form of monetary gifts as well as through legacies and inheritancies.