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Information about the World Picture

The Institute’s Information Service
It is an important task to make the existence of Martinus’ world picture known and accessible to all those who are seeking this kind of knowledge. The Martinus Institute provides information through this homepage, through brochures and leaflets and, not least, through its courses and lectures.

A common task for all those who are interested
Disseminating information is not merely a task for the Martinus Institute. All those who are interested in Martinus’ world picture in fact contribute to disseminating information about the cosmic analyses. An important contribution can be that each of us inspires others to practise the new humane culture of friendship that is a core element in the cosmic analyses.


The bees shall come to the honey
Martinus used the expression “it is the bees that shall come to the honey” to emphasise that his work is not to be proselytised or advertised.

He stressed the importance of the sober and unbiased character of information aimed at inspiring those people whom he calls “those who are naturally interested” to study his works for themselves. Since his cosmic analyses “speak for themselves”, the information has first and foremost the aim of being an “appetizer” that guides the individual who is interested towards private study of his work and engrossment in it.

Everyone can contribute

All those who are interested are free to provide information about Martinus Cosmology and Martinus’ collected works, The Third Testament, as long as they respect the Institute’s copyright. One can form study groups, give lectures and run courses, make homepages, write articles and books carry out other kinds of informative activities. Those who are interested are encouraged to follow Martinus’ recommendation to provide information only when it is natural to do so, and only in such a way that the recipients feel free to find further information for themselves if they want it. If there are pre-existing activites in your local area or nearby, we recommend that any new initiatives are undertaken in harmony with these local activities and those who arrange them.