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Aims and tasks

The Institute is a commercial fund called Fonden Martinus Aandsvidenskabelige Institut (The Martinus Institute of Sprirtual Science Fund). Its work is done by a number of committees and working groups.



Fonden Martinus Aandsvidenskabelige Institut is responsible for Martinus' works and owns the copyright to them. The fund's aims are to:

  • preserve Martinus' collected works unaltered as he left them
  • provide information about these works
  • make the works available to those interested through publishing, translation and teaching, as well as to
  • subsidise activities that promote these aims.

The Board

The fund is led by a board, which, in accordance with Martinus' wishes, is called the "council". The council has the overall responsibility for all of the Institute's tasks. The council consists of 5 members and 2 substitutes. Being self-selective, the council itself selects a new member when a member stands down. No one except the council members appointed by Martinus himself can be a substitute or a member of the council for more than 7 years altogether. After one has retired, one cannot be reinstated. See current members of the council.