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Anders Bertelsen

Anders Pauli Bertelsen
Anders (born in 1978) is responsible for booking courses and holidays at the Martinus Centre, Klint and is in charge of reception in Klint and at the Martinus Institute. Anders works at the Martinus Centre, Klint in the summer and at the Martinus Institute in the winter.

Anders is also responsible for the voluntary staff who work in reception and in the café in Klint.

Eigil Kristensen

Eigil Kristensen

Eigil (born in 1955) is a manager of the Martinus Centre in Klint. Together with Charlotte Andersson he is responsible for the daily running of the centre. His works consists of instructing the voluntary staff, distributing tasks and ensuring a good working environment. Eigil is particularly responsible for the renovation and maintenance of buildings, the gardening, cleaning and contact with tradesmen as well as for rental of accommodation, organising courses and working weeks etc. Eigil has been a lecturer and teacher since 1990. He is a member of the Klint Committee and the Education Committee and takes part in several other affiliated groups.

Eigil was previoiusly a member of the Council and the editorial staff of Kosmos, and has previously worked as a works manager in a Copenhagen community centre and also as a smith and a heating and sanitary engineer.


Jens Christian Hermansen
Jens Christian (born in 1976) was appointed editor-in-chief of the Martinus Institute's magazine Kosmos in 2018. He also has the overall responsibility for external communication and is a member of the daily management team at the Martinus Institute, the Martinus Centre, Klint and Martinus' childhood home Moskildvad.

Jens Christian has a Ph.D. in sociology and has taught and done research for a number of years. He has studied Martinus Cosmology since 1997 and is currently involved in teaching and running conferences.

Peter Bendtsen

Peter Bendtsen
Peter (born in 1952) is responsible for the accounts of Fonden Martinus Aandsvidenskabelige Institut (The Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science Fund). This includes the running of the Martinus Institute and the Martinus Centre in Klint, the Institute’s publishing activities, Kosmos subscriptions and courses. Peters also works with various IT tasks such as the maintenance of a photo data base, the homepage and the internet bookshop.

Peter has a B. Com. (Bachelor of Commerce) in accountancy and organisation, and has wide experience from financial functions in various types of companies. He is also a trained psychotherapist and for a number of years has worked in his own clinic, mostly with patients with stress, anxiety and depression.