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Symbol 37
The Veiled and Unveiled Eternal Truth

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 37 - The Veiled and Unveiled Eternal Truth

The symbol symbolises people’s gradual recognition of the eternal truth, which is made possible by the development of their sensory capacity. Information about the truth was hidden from very primitive people because they could not possibly understand a complete, scientific, comprehensive analysis of this truth. But gradually, as people’s intelligence and love developed, the explanation of the truth had to be changed to a corresponding extent. Veil after veil has been removed as people have developed and have become capable of understanding more and more. After the last veil has fallen, people ? with their completely evolved mentality ? will be able to experience the eternal truth or the solution to the mystery of life as a scientific fact.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The orange area with the many black and white sections at the bottom symbolises the unfinished human being at various stages during its evolution from animal to human being.
  • The framed black and white area above the orange area symbolises how the being experiences the eternal light in a veiled form. The veiling decreases as the being’s primitive and deadly behaviour, indicated by the black section, gradually decreases, and universal love, indicated by the white section, develops.
  • The skull and crossbones further to the left symbolises that the beings here live in spiritual darkness and the culmination of devil consciousness.
  • The yellow drawing of a town with a radiance around it symbolises the way of being of absolute light and love. 
  • The last evolutionary stage further to the right in the orange area symbolises the finished human being with cosmic consciousness. Here the last veil has fallen. The being can thereafter experience without hindrance the truth and the rays from the divine light, which is symbolised by the large white ray figure with the triangle.
  • The coloured sections behind the ray figure symbolise the cosmic planes of existence.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 37 in The Eternal World Picture 4.