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Symbol 1
The Spirit of God upon the Face of the Waters

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 1 - The Spirit of God upon the Face of the Waters

Spirit is the same as consciousness; it exists behind all the creative processes of Nature and the universe. All these processes are built up according to a plan, and are ultimately a joy for living beings. All creation emanates from the consciousness, will and power of a living “something”. This something has been called "God", and its consciousness has been called the spirit of God.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The centre of the light area at the top symbolises the creative "Something" or Godhead.
  • The sea of rays indicates the Godhead’s all-pervasive creative spirit, consciousness, will and power.
  • The shaded sections of the sea of rays, graduated from dark to light, are cosmic world impulses.
  • The double circle indicates the Earth and its mankind, which is in contact with three world impulses. The lowest impulse symbolises the conscious mental life of primitive human beings. The middle one indicates the world impulse from which Buddhism, Christianity and Islam have emanated. The uppermost impulse indicates the new world impulse, which, as an absolute science, will explain the religious or real aspect of life.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 1 in The Eternal World Picture 1