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Symbol 11
The Eternal World Picture, the Living Being 2, the Eternal Godhead and the Eternal Sons of God

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 11 - The Eternal World Picture, the Living Being 2, the Eternal Godhead and the Eternal Sons of God

The symbol shows the universe as a whole. The universe is a living being, namely the Godhead. The Godhead appears as a triune principle consisting of the I, the faculty to create and the created. The Godhead contains all existing beings, the sons of God. Each son of God constitutes the same triune principle, and the symbol therefore also symbolises every being. The Godhead and the sons of God interact perpetually. Since all existing living beings’ organs for creating and experiencing constitute collectively the Godhead’s organ for creating and experiencing, it is evident here that the Godhead is omnipresent, almighty, all-wise and all-loving. The keynote of the universe is love.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The white area in the centre symbolises X1 or the macro-I, and the small white areas around the edge symbolise the micro-I's.
  • The macro-I is shown as a hexagonal star to symbolise that its manifestation and experience occurs through six different states of consciousness, which means one for each basic energy.
  • The faculty to create, X2, is indicated by the halo of rays around the macro-I and by the rays and the violet area around the micro-I’s at edge of the symbol.
  • The coloured areas between the macro-I and the micro-I’s symbolise X3 or the result of I’s faculty to create and experience. X3 consists of the consciousness and the organism.
  • X3 constitutes the six planes of existence, each marked with its particular colour and energy. These planes of existence together make up a cosmic spiral cycle: 

      red - instinct - the plant kingdom
      orange - gravity - the animal kingdom
      yellow - feeling- the real human kingdom
      green - intelligence - the kingdom of wisdom
      blue - intuition - the divine world
      indigo - memory - the kingdom of bliss 

  • The positioning of the Earth indicates that the Earth-being belongs to the animal kingdom.
  • The small star-shaped figure symbolises cosmic consciousness and marks the beginning of the real human kingdom. In approximately 3000 years this human kingdom will be a reality here on Earth. We will thus outgrow the last remnants of our ancestral animal or egoistic tendencies of consciousness.
  • The subsequent superphysical planes of existence indicate even higher worlds, where life culminates in wisdom and love.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 11 in The Eternal World Picture 1.