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Symbol 19
Through the Darkness of Initiation (Hell or Armageddon)

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 19 - Through the Darkness of Initiation (Hell or Armageddon)

The symbol symbolises the culmination of darkness. With the cosmic analyses we can begin to catch a glimpse of the solution to the mystery of darkness or so-called “evil”. Darkness is in reality a divine link in the great initiation into God’s consciousness that all people on the Earth will experience. Without this link God’s creation of the human being in His image would be completely impossible. It takes place solely by God allowing his son, the eternal living being, to experience complete darkness in order through this to make him a genius in the knowledge of the “evil” and the “good” in life. The experience of “evil” is due to a lack of cosmic knowledge and neighbourly love. The central element in the culmination of darkness is the killing principle. This principle is maintained through the experience of animosity and the belief in the existence of injustice. From a cosmic point of view no one can do anything wrong or suffer unjustly.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The orange sections separated by the yellow sections at the bottom symbolise a series of the being’s incarnations.
  • The triangle and the heart symbolise the I of the being and its organism.
  • The wide orange arc on the left symbolises a returning arc of fate, which is the effect of an evil or dark action that the being has inflicted upon its neighbour.
  • The person, Nature or the instrument that triggers the returning dark arc of fate is perceived as an enemy or an injustice. This is symbolised by the sword on the left. As long as the being does not understand that it itself is the source and cause of its fate, it continues to react in a death-dealing manner. This is symbolised by the sword on the right and the orange arc that goes upwards to the right. In this way a new dark arc of fate is sent out, only to return to the being itself.
  • The skull and crossbones symbolises cold materialism’s view that death is the complete annihilation of the living being.
  • The blazing fire symbolises war and misery.
  • The volcano symbolises natural catastrophes.
  • The aura of rays behind materialism’s and godlessness’s night-black sky of death symbolises the light from the highest spiritual worlds.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 19 in The Eternal World Picture 2.