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Symbol 2
The Principle of World Redemption

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 2 - The Principle of World Redemption

The principle of world redemption is the fundamental guiding principle in the evolution and spiritual guidance of mankind from primitivity to intellectuality. The founders of religions or world redeemers were inspired by this principle.

These beings had the same authority over the peoples or groups of people for whom they were world redeemers as parents have over their children. The principle of world redemption can therefore also be called the parent principle.

Gradually, as mankind developed more humaneness, it could accept world redeemers with correspondingly more elevated humane messages. Mankind accepted cosmic answers from Jesus Christ, but as yet only in the form of postulates and dogmas. World redemption’s latest major effort to help us is cosmic science, which explains the cosmic answers in logical, cohesive chains of thought.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The staircase symbolises the evolutionary stages of terrestrial human beings from the animal kingdom, indicated by the orange colour, to the perfect human kingdom, indicated by the yellow colour.
  • The rays that emanate from the star symbolise Providence’s guidance in the form of the world religions; they thus represent the principle of world redemption.
  • The orange parts of the rays represent the religions that stimulate the animal or killing principle in human beings.
  • The yellow parts symbolise the religions, such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, that stimulate the human or humane sides in people.
  • The white parts symbolise cosmic science, which will replace all the world’s religions. Cosmic science is absolute truth, which is the same for everyone.

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