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Symbol 24
The Unfinished Human Kingdom

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 24 - The Unfinished Human Kingdom

The symbol symbolises the Earth with its states and governments. Since all these states consist of unfinished human beings, each state has a more or less unfinished or loveless relationship to its neighbouring states. There is as yet no effective police force and judicial system to protect the individual states from the unfinished nature and attitude of other states. There are certainly tendencies towards the creation of such a world police force and such a judicial system for states, the UN being an example of this. But the creation of this is greatly handicapped by its lack of real power and strength to maintain order among states, as long as these states have the right to use arms. The UN has, for example, access to an almost negligible amount of power in relation to the power the superpowers have. When all is said and done the mutual relationship between the states is still therefore based on anarchy.

The main details of the symbol:

The symbol is divided into three parts.

  • Two thirds of the outermost part are orange, which means that the prevailing basic mental energy is the energy of gravity. The prevailing state is one of killing and warmongering.
  • The innermost round part is divided into various sections of various sizes, which symbolise the Earth’s states, but not the number of them. The round, white figures symbolise the state governments, and the arrows in these figures point in particular directions.
  • The two orange stars on the right and left, to which the arrows from the two lower thirds point, symbolise the killing principle, godlessness and materialism. The consequence of this is a multitude of states of war and dark fates, such as illness, nerve-shattering grief and distress.
  • In the upper third the governments’ arrows point more or less upwards towards true idealism and humaneness, which is symbolised by the yellow part at the top. These states have laws, a police force and a judicial system to protect citizens against the evil actions of other beings. They develop more and more humane measures that are a joy and a blessing for their inhabitants.
  • The figure at the top symbolises world redemption. The outermost parts of this figure are coloured orange to symbolise the primitive and murderous religions. Next we see the humane religions indicated by the yellow colour, and in the middle the beginnings of spiritual science, which will gradually replace all world religions with a true, cosmic science. The star indicates the principle of world redemption itself.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 24 in The Eternal World Picture 2.