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Symbol 26
The Perfect Human Kingdom of the Future

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 26 - The Perfect Human Kingdom of the Future

The symbol symbolises the future, completely evolved mankind of the Earth. Everything will evolve towards internationalism. All the states of the world will be united as one state with a common world government. All the natural resources of the Earth will become the common property of all mankind. Through the human faculty to create, the natural resources will be transformed so as to maintain our daily lives. This faculty to create represents the only true unit of value, and will replace the monetary system. Every human being will work the number of hours that its own life, from birth to death, costs. No one can live at the expense of others. The world state will of course have its own international language.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The yellow sun in the middle symbolises the common government of the whole of mankind.
  • The white round sections with the black arrows symbolise the various nations of the Earth. They are all situated in the rays of the sun, which means that they are subordinate to the common government.
  • The fact that the rays are yellow and green symbolises that the states are governed by intellectualised feeling , which is the same as neighbourly love.
  • The blue star in the middle of the yellow sun symbolises that the world government consists of cosmically conscious beings.
  • The white triangle symbolises the eternal source and true God of the universe.
  • The outermost orange and yellow descending rays symbolise the dark religions and the humane religions respectively. They have no longer any particular power in the world kingdom.
  • The large white ray, which constitutes the eternal truth or the solution to the mystery of life as science, prevails.

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 26 in The Eternal World Picture 2.