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Symbol 27
The Cosmic Radiance of the Earth

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 27 - The Cosmic Radiance of the Earth

The symbol symbolises the Earth and its consciousness. The Earth evolves towards brighter conditions, and will come more alive and be more pleasant for mankind. Beasts of prey and other carnivorous animals as well as poisonous animals and others that spread disease are in the process of dying out on Earth. Jungles and primordial forests will disappear. The least evolved people on Earth are in the process of evolving towards civilisation and culture. The dark fate caused by the unfinished sides of their nature transforms the animal elements in people’s behaviour into human ones.

The main details of the symbol:

  • There is, as shown, an aura or halo around the physical planet.
  • The white, cross-shaped part symbolises all the humaneness in mankind, while the completely dark area symbolises all mankind’s animal sides.
  • The lighter aura around the dark area show the average terrestrial atmosphere, which is a mixture of human and animal thought climates. This mixture constitutes the present cultural standard of the Earth.
  • The animal thought climates are declining as the human aura, that is the white area on the symbol, spreads out and fills the entire picture.
  • The grey staircase at the bottom symbolises evolution in the cosmic spiral cycle. On its evolutionary path the Earth is situated above step 2, that is to say the animal kingdom.
  • The Earth’s relationship to the spiral cycle’s culmination of light and culmination of darkness is symbolised between the two horizontal violet sections. The Earth has just passed the culmination of darkness and is on its way forwards towards increasing light.

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