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Symbol 30
The Eternal Godhead and the Sensory Abilities of Living Beings

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 30 - The Eternal Godhead and the Sensory Abilities of Living Beings

The symbol symbolises the Godhead and the sensory abilities of living beings, that is to say, their experience of life and their faculty to create. All living beings have their individual sensory ability with which they interact with the Godhead, and these sensory abilities together constitute the Godhead’s entire sensory ability. Through this the Godhead maintains the various planes of existence, where the experience of life and creation are promoted by the six basic energies with their changing areas of impact. The living connection between the individual living being and the Godhead is determined by the basic energy that prevails on the plane of existence where the being is situated at the moment.

The main details of the symbol:

  • Taken as a whole the large figure on the right symbolises the I, the faculty to create and the organism of the Godhead, which consists of the organisms of all existing living beings. The figure thereby symbolises the entire universe.
  • The steps on the left symbolise the eternal ladder of evolution. Each step is a plane of existence. The triangles symbolise that the planes of existence consist of living beings.
  • The steps between the bottom red step and the top indigo step make up a spiral cycle with its six planes of existence.
  • The rays that emanate from the living beings indicate their sensory abilities and show the energy with which they interact with their surroundings. The colour indicates the principal basic energy on the individual step in evolution. In the plant kingdom the sensory ability is limited, as shown by the red rays of the energy of instinct. This sensory ability increases with every step in evolution up to the divine world, where the being, by virtue of the energy of intuition (the blue rays), is able to sense the entire spiral cycle. The same is true of the kingdom of bliss, but here the being senses only in an inner world of memory by virtue of its highly developed faculty of memory (the indigo rays).

See also Martinus' description of symbol no. 30 in The Eternal World Picture 3 and Livets Bog (The Book of Life) 1.